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Well its 2017, hows everypony doing? Hope everypony had a great New Years.

I will soon be linking to my site to show of screencaps & info on the 3D city building project of mine in Sketchup.
I have put Equestria as its own country in the southeast of New York State (Northeast of PA). It has its own highway system connecting it to the US highway system)
So far by the roads with a character's name thats very long, you can see I really like them. 

Interstate 86 (NY 17) - 390 miles long :
Main Line Segment A - Cute Dashie Tollway (Northern Beltway over Furry City to end at Rainbow Dash City, PA)
(Also signed as Anthro Beltway & Interstate 690 as it is concurrent with I-90 for a couple miles)
Main Line Segment B -
Beautiful Rainbow Dash Fwy (From Segment A to I-99 in Painted Post) 
Main Line Segment C - Adorable Rainbow Dash Fwy (From Segment B to Equestria Border - Finnickville NY)
Equestria Segment - Equestria Hwy 401 - Dashie Cross Country Fwy
The Equestria segment connects the A & B segments of I-86 across Equestria as it lays in a place splitting I-86
Main Line Segment D - Cute Flurry Heart Fwy

(Currently as it looks to me from maps I have made, I-86 being named after Dashie is the longest named road in the whole project with its named connected to one character.) 

The other ponies have named highways in Equestria :
EQ Hwy 476 (Twilight Sparkle Tollway) - A north-south Tollway on the westside of Equestria (connecting with I-476)
EQ Hwy 30 (Pinkie Pie Pkwy, Applejack Pkwy, Rarity Pkwy) - A north-south parkway on the eastside of Equestria (connected with NY 30 in the south)
EQ Hwy 887 (Fluttershy Hwy, Dragonlands Pkwy) - A east-west Parkway in the center of Equestria (connected to NY 887 in the east and to EQ Hwy 476 & EQ Hwy 181 in the east which connects to NY 181.)

Outside of Equestria :
NY Route 379 & 206 - Cute Sunset Shimmer Hwy - North-south highway along east Equestria border.
NY Route 706 & PA Route 706 - Cute Thorax Pike - East-west highway along south Equestria border.
(NY 7D below segments & NY 867 run along the northern border of Equestria)
NY Route 7D (Segment B) - Cute Mina Rd (Female dragon from IDW's MLP Friends Forever Issue 14)
NY Route 7D (Segment C) - Cute Arizona Rd (from Them's Fightin' Herds)
NY Route 867 - (King) Aspen & (Prince) Bramble Pkwy - Interstate standard pkwy across NY's border with northern EQ.

Outside of Equestria (NY State Pkwys - Passenger Cars Only - No Commercial Traffic)
(Ref Route Numbers to be added)
NY Ref Route ## - Cutie Mark Crusaders State Pkwy - North-south state pkwy along Equestria's eastern border - it was there before I-184 (the interstate system)
NY Ref Route ## - Blackthorn State Pkwy (NY/PA) - East-West pkwy 5 miles south of Equestria southern border - was there before I-84 (Interstate System).

I will have more info on the roads on my new Wiki site when it is done (hopefully soon).

Media/City Project Site :
Personal Site :
Main DA :
Inkbunny :
FIMFiction :
FurAffinity (Main) :… 
All My Official Accounts (Twitter/YT/Etc):…

I also have a Derpibooru account, just check my the above link to see all the pony pics I have faved :) (Smile)


Jordan L
United States
I Am Rainbowdashfan84
(I Am Also Nalafan84 And Jdog84)

**Profile Updated On 4/16/2016 - To Be Updated Again**
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Endicott/Binghamton NY USA Brony

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2016 Top Fave Char :
Princess Ember ( MLP Ember Stamp by midnightlunarose) | Spikey Wikey ( Spike Stamp by jewlecho) |
| Dashie ( Rainbow Dash 'Boreal' Stamp by BlueDragonHans) | For all my faves check my site Here

Rainbow Dash Stamp by TheRainyAbyss Rainbow Dash Stamp by GekxGeval
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Spike Stamp by arsh-stamps Baby Spike Stamp by jewlecho MLP: Spike stamp by DivineSpiritual Spike Stamp by jewlecho

****Some of My Faves****
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***My Fave Shippings***
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Favorite Websites : Google (Ponifyed),FIMFiction,DuckDuckGO, FB , DA , IB And FA (And More)
Some Of My Favorite Music : Gangnam Style Animated Stamp by LoliFlan , "MLP Music on

Cutie Mark Crusaders Skip by The-Coop

Want To Contact Me ?
DA Notes : You can, but I am not always on DA.
My Website : You can use the "contact forum/a> on my website.
Cutie Mark Crusaders Skip by The-Coop

***Skype Chat***
Also If You Want To Chat About MLP:FIM Then Chat With Me On Skype TheJdog84
Skype Chat Rules :
*To add me, please you must tell me were I know you from (ex. DA name or FA name). If not, I may just ignore your skype request

Also Cutie Mark Crusaders Skip by The-Coop Is (c) :iconthe-coop: And Original Is Here:


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